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What Are the Two Most Powerful Aspects of Vetter?

November 7, 2018
What Are the Two Most Powerful Aspects of Vetter?
By Bryan Adler

At its core, Vetter is a powerful way to leverage data analytics to target specific people for products and services. The technology helps credit unions drive sustainable, profitable growth by reaching potential members who may need loans or new accounts. The two most powerful aspects of Vetter are the ways it accomplishes that growth.

Vetter’s overall goal is to help smaller financial institutions compete. Vetter wants to bring the same technologies, services, and capabilities to credit unions that massive banks have already been using for years.

Vetter provides a complete turnkey solution for credit union growth. Its two biggest strengths lie in its data leveraging capabilities and in its account creation and credit union member onboarding program.

Leverage Data to Reach Prospective Members

There’s no need to bury the lede here: the most powerful component of Vetter is its access to a database with over 200 million people and 40 million businesses.

Access to such a massive database is unparalleled in the credit union sector. This is the same data to which Fortune 500 companies like American Express, LendingTree, and Chase use. Our access to this data puts Vetter in a unique position in the financial marketing world.

By leveraging the information in the database, we can target prospective members according to a credit union’s needs. We can spur growth with marketing outreach that identifies the kind of members that credit unions are looking for.

Whether it be checking accounts, auto loans, mortgages, or other products and services, Vetter’s access to this database enables us to quickly filter for and then reach out to qualified prospective members. Our goal is to level the playing field for community financial institutions. Tapping into over 200 million people and 40 million businesses is our competitive advantage in that realm.

There’s no need to bury the lede here: the most powerful component of Vetter is its access to a database with over 200 million people and 40 million businesses.

Credit Union Member Onboarding Program

Vetter’s access to a massive database helps credit unions find members, but Vetter’s true power is by converting those prospects into members. It doesn’t matter if we can reach every potential member in the world—if they don’t join, the message doesn’t matter.

We have a seamless credit union member onboarding program that features 90-second account opening. Vetter can verify the member’s identity, run all the know-your-customer (KYC) and sanction checks needed, fund the account, get all documents electronically signed, and stay legal and compliant, all within 90 seconds.

Streamlining the member onboarding process emphasizes the power of our database access. Not only are we able to reach an unprecedented number of eligible prospective members, but we can activate those members when they’re most ready or most interested. We call this the point of excitement; we reduce the friction inherent in opening new accounts.

An Even Playing Field

Both components of Vetter’s strategy even the playing field between credit unions and larger financial institutions. The database helps to identify potential members, and then our credit union member onboarding program quickly converts them to kinetic members.

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